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Tricks of the Trade | PetSafe®

Have an accomplice hold an opened Lickety Stick so that your pet can lick the ball. While they're distracted by the yummy goodness, clip their nails.
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PetSafe® Breaks Global Pet Expo Show Record with 31 New ...

Feb 20, 2013 ... a non-‐stick surface so that nothing gets left behind. ... Lickety Stik® Gel treats give dogs a highly palatable treat. Expo_2013.pdf
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Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks | PetSafe®

I used a Lickety Stik®, which she loves more than any other treat, to control the placement of Emma's nose. When I held it just an inch above her head, ...
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Can't We All Just Get Along? Getting Dogs & Cats to Live Happily ...

I used some of the cats' favorite treats to lure them out next to the dogs. Our most treat-motivated cat came out of hiding for a Lickety Stik, and since one of ... -live-happily-ever-after
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PetSafe® Shelter Enrichment Project | PetSafe®

And, in addition to toys, partners in the PetSafe Shelter Enrichment Project are provided with Lickety Stik® liquid pet treat for all dogs and cats in their ...
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Rub a Dub Dub, There's a Doggy in the Tub! | PetSafe®

Our Lickety Stik does a fantastic job of keeping dogs busy while you scrub them down. I have also heard other tricks like spreading peanut butter on the ...
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Shop Treats by PetSafe

Which wholesome treat will you reward your pet with today? Dental treats, meaty treats, Lickety Stik®, training treats, & Busy Buddy® treat refills.

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