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The Problem with Puppy Mills | PetSafe®

Most pet stores get their puppies from breeders, which are often puppy mill dogs. And there are also some pet stores that don't actually sell animals, and they ...
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Pros and Cons of Paper Training for Puppies | PetSafe®

All puppies have to pee and poop, and each owner/guardian needs to choose where their toilet area is going to be based on their lifestyle and circumstances.
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Your Puppy's Age Matters | PetSafe®

Puppies go through developmental stages just like children do. When your puppy is 6 months old, that's the equivalent of 12 years in a human life.
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Unexpected Costs for New Puppy Parents | PetSafe®

Let's talk about the real expenses of a puppy's first year. First, there is the cost of the puppy which depends on the source - reputable breeders, backyard ...
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6 pointers for caring for your new puppy | PetSafe®

Think of your puppy as a human baby or toddler. He is going to get into everything. Make sure there are no cords to chew, no potentially poisonous plants or ...
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Puppy Obedience 101 | PetSafe®

basic puppy training Have you ever wished your dog would be more obedient? Or that he would just do some of the basics that other dogs can do?
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Puppy Socialization | PetSafe®

Start your puppy's socialization early. Puppy owners were told to wait until puppy shots were complete before taking puppies outside, which is equivalent to ...
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How to Start Training Your Puppy | PetSafe®

teaching puppies When is a good age to start training my dog? This is one of the most common questions I get. There are many myths and ideas about the best ...
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Leash Training Puppies: Part 1, Introducing the Collar or Harness ...

A collar should be about 2 inches bigger than your puppy's neck, but he should not be able to pull his head out of the collar. puppy harness Fitting the Harness.
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Leash Training Puppies: Part 2, Walking Your Puppy | PetSafe®

This is part 2 of the series on leash training puppies. The first part was about the prep and getting him used to his collar or harness.

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