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Puppies Articles | PetSafe® Articles

Leash Training Puppies: Part 2, Walking Your Puppy. By Caryl Wolff ... Leash Training Puppies: Part 1, Introducing the Collar or Harness. By Caryl Wolff.
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Puppy Socialization | PetSafe® Articles

Start your puppy's socialization early. Puppy owners were told to wait until puppy shots were complete before taking puppies outside, which is equivalent to ...
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Puppies for Christmas | PetSafe® Articles

But instead of having the puppy pop out of a pretty present, do it differently. First, remember that if you are getting a puppy for your kids, it is still your puppy.
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And They Call It Puppy Love | PetSafe® Articles

There's falling for a cute puppy, and then there's falling for the puppy you know is supposed to be yours. When I met Zoe, she was 10 weeks old and my friend ...
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True Love Puppy Treats | PetSafe® Articles

A tasty, homemade treat is a great way to show your dog just how much you care. This recipe for True Love Puppy Treats are delicious and nutritious.
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Continuing Your Puppy's Socialization | PetSafe® Articles

You just brought your new puppy home. Congratulations! You can help him become a stable, healthy adult by getting him used to the people, places, and things ...
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When Can You Start Training Your Puppy? | PetSafe® Articles

From potty training to obedience training, your puppy has a lot to learn. Get your puppy training started on the right paw with this guide to beginner training for ...
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Guide to Puppy-Proofing your Home | PetSafe® Articles

Prior to bringing a puppy into your home, examine your home for potential hazards and try to eliminate them.
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Happy National Puppy Day: Socialize Your Puppy | PetSafe® Articles

But there is actually a lot more to puppies than little paws, scrunched faces, and puppy breath. Socializing a puppy is one of the best things for a puppy and can ...

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