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Which Puppy Toy Is Best? | PetSafe®

Your puppy loves playing with toys because it simulates the "hunt," helps him with teething, and prevents boredom. Boredom means destruction of carpets, ...
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Puppy Socialization | PetSafe®

Start your puppy's socialization early. Puppy owners were told to wait until puppy shots were complete before taking puppies outside, which is equivalent to ...
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Guide to Puppy-Proofing your Home | PetSafe®

how to puppy proof your house Puppies have a lot of curiosity and extreme amounts of energy. They love to explore their surroundings and experience new  ...
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Continuing Your Puppy's Socialization | PetSafe® Articles

Social Enrichment - Invite some puppies and dogs over for a puppy party. Make sure they are healthy, vaccinated, and like puppies. Novel Items - Get a small step ...
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Puppy Socialization for Breeders | PetSafe®

The single most important factor in choosing a puppy is choosing a breeder or rescue that has interacted with the puppies and begun the socialization process.
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Play That Trains Your Puppy | PetSafe®

So it's easy to use this ingrained behavior to your advantage to help train your puppy and teach him commands -- and to nip nipping (and other bad habits) in the ...
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Happy National Puppy Day: Socialize Your Puppy | PetSafe®

What is it about puppies that make us feel better instantly? But there is actually a lot more to puppies than little paws, scrunched faces, and puppy breath.
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Unexpected Costs for New Puppy Parents | PetSafe®

Are you thinking of becoming a new puppy parent? Everybody wants a puppy! Who can resist those soulful eyes and wagging tail? But before we get a dog, we  ...
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12:30 Meeting: Puppy Class! | PetSafe®

This is the final part in the series of my experience fostering a litter of 7 puppies. The puppies are about 6 weeks old now, and I will be continuing to socialize ...
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Jul 29, 2015 ... puppies, neonates and bottle babies from shelters. ... NICU, including a puppy incubator with complete oxygen setup, custom-made nursers, ...

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