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Puppy Socialization | PetSafe®

Start your puppy's socialization early. Puppy owners were told to wait until puppy shots were complete before taking puppies outside, which is equivalent to ...
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New Puppy Checklist: Ensure Your New Best Friend Thrives ...

That adorable new pup comes with questions. What does a new puppy need? How can I start training? How can I keep him entertained? thrives
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6 pointers for caring for your new puppy | PetSafe®

Think of your puppy as a human baby or toddler. He is going to get into everything. Make sure there are no cords to chew, no potentially poisonous plants or ...
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Which Puppy Toy Is Best? | PetSafe®

Your puppy loves playing with toys because it simulates the "hunt," helps him with teething, and prevents boredom. Boredom means destruction of carpets, ...
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Unexpected Costs for New Puppy Parents | PetSafe®

Are you thinking of becoming a new puppy parent? Everybody wants a puppy! Who can resist those soulful eyes and wagging tail? But before we get a dog, ...
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Puppy Socialization for Breeders | PetSafe®

puppy socializing I have been a dog trainer/behavior consultant for 20+ years and worked with thousands of puppies. To me, the single most important factor ...
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Continuing Your Puppy's Socialization | PetSafe®

basic puppy training · Sensory Enrichment - Change the environment. · Social Enrichment - Invite some puppies and dogs over for a puppy party. · Novel Items - Get ...
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Play That Trains Your Puppy | PetSafe®

Playing with your puppy is a no-brainer, right? Your irresistible bundle of furry energy is willing to frolic with you at a moment's notice. Puppy play is ...
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True Love Puppy Treats | PetSafe®

The True Love Puppy Treats recipe was inspired by my love, Roland. He absolutely DEVOURS these treats! The strawberries add a pop of color and make these ...
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How to Use an Indoor/Outdoor Potty for Toilet Training | PetSafe®

They make it much easier to house train puppies and prevent accidents for dogs of ... When people call me about training their new puppy, potty training is ... training

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