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Which Puppy Toy Is Best? | PetSafe® Articles

What Kind of Toys Do Puppies Like Best? Puppies prefer toys that: · Which Puppy Toys Are Safer? Take your puppy to the pet store with you and let him choose, ...
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Puppy Socialization for Breeders | PetSafe® Articles

puppy socializing I have been a dog trainer/behavior consultant for 20+ years and worked with thousands of puppies. To me, the single most important factor in  ...
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Puppy Socialization | PetSafe® Articles

Start your puppy's socialization early. Puppy owners were told to wait until puppy shots were complete before taking puppies outside, which is equivalent to ...
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Unexpected Costs for New Puppy Parents | PetSafe® Articles

Puppies ain't cheap! Let's talk about the real expenses of a puppy's first year. First , there is the cost of the puppy which depends on the source - reputable breeders  ...
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Guide to Puppy-Proofing your Home | PetSafe® Articles

how to puppy proof your house Puppies have a lot of curiosity and extreme amounts of energy. They love to explore their surroundings and experience new  ...
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Continuing Your Puppy's Socialization | PetSafe® Articles

You just brought your new puppy home. ... It should be the standard of care for puppies to receive such socialization before they are fully vaccinated." There are  ...
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Happy National Puppy Day: Socialize Your Puppy | PetSafe® Articles

But there is actually a lot more to puppies than little paws, scrunched faces, and puppy breath. Socializing a puppy is one of the best things for a puppy and can ...
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12:30 Meeting: Puppy Class! | PetSafe® Articles

This blog is about a very fun experience that the puppies had—puppy class! One of my favorite things about working at Premier is that we bring can bring our dogs  ...
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How to Use an Indoor/Outdoor Potty for Toilet Training | PetSafe ...

They make it much easier to house train puppies and prevent accidents for dogs ... several products to choose from regarding potty training your puppy indoors, ... training
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All I Want for Christmas is…A Puppy? | PetSafe® Articles

It seems I can't turn around without seeing a picture of a cute puppy with Santa Claus this time of year. I am not immune to the adorable lab in a Santa hat, Yorkie  ...

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