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Nothing like a Mother's Love | PetSafe® Articles

My, how a puppy will really change your disposition!! A few ... Worms in dogs are common, especially with puppies, and some medicine quickly cleared them up.
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Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks | PetSafe® Articles

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe® Brand Marketing Specialist. puppy training tips. Shortly after I got Emma and attended Michelle Mullins', CPDT-KA, dog training ...
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How to Train Your Dog to Use A Pet Fence | PetSafe® Articles

At PetSafe®, we create in-ground wired and wireless containment systems so you can create a safe space for your dog to play outdoors. Training your dog to ... system
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Toys, Toys, Toys! | PetSafe® Articles

So puppies need softer toys to protect gums and baby teeth. Consider dog safe plush toys and puppy lines like Premier's Busy Buddy Puppy or Pogo Plush at ...
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Pets Are for Life, Not Just Christmas | PetSafe® Articles

The kids and the puppy grow up together without a care in the world. (Courtesy of SuperStock photos). Wake up…wake up…HELLOOOOO! Okay, now for the more  ...
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Training Guide

House Training Puppies on the Pet Loo Potty. 1. Puppies need to potty frequently . ... your puppy needs to potty is when he starts to walk slowly, circle, whine or ...
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Pet Food: The Good, the Bad, and the Healthy | PetSafe® Articles

You pay close attention to what you and your family eat. You avoid processed foods, pay a premium for organic groceries and read labels religiously. But are ...
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10 Signs Your Dog Is Stressed | PetSafe® Articles

Puppy Expert. Do you know when your dog is happy or sad? How about when he's scared or nervous? Dogs "talk" to us with their voices as well as their bodies.
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Your Kids Can Help Train Your Dog, Too | PetSafe® Articles

This process can also be used to help with puppy mouthing. Puppies mouth kids for the same reason they jump, and you can follow the same process to teach ...
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Bed Manners for Fido: Keep Your Dog off the Bed | PetSafe® Articles

One common problem that most dog parents struggle with is bed manners. It seems like some of us try so hard to teach our dogs not to get on our beds but fail to ...

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