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My Journey to Brisbane, Part 1 | PetSafe®

Many years later my husband and I were ready for a dog of our own. A local rescue contacted us about a very young puppy and an hour later, I was holding the ...
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10 Signs Your Dog Is Stressed | PetSafe®

Puppy Expert. Do you know when your dog is happy or sad? How about when he's scared or nervous? Dogs "talk" to us with their voices as well as their bodies.
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How to Enrich Shelter Pets' Lives | PetSafe®

“Puppy class” means someone is fostering a litter of puppies for a local organization and it's time to socialize those puppies!
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Where Does Your Dog Potty? | PetSafe®

While the training steps may be the same please note that puppies can only hold their urine for about an hour plus his age in months. So a puppy who is two ...
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Toys, Toys, Toys! | PetSafe®

So puppies need softer toys to protect gums and baby teeth. Consider dog safe plush toys and puppy lines like Premier's Busy Buddy Puppy or Pogo Plush at ...
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Puppies Articles | PetSafe®

Leash Training Puppies: Part 2, Walking Your Puppy. By Caryl Wolff.
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Busy Buddy® Waggle™ by PetSafe - GRP-BB-WAG

My retriever x is one of those puppies that can dismantle most toys within a ... Sadly our Great Dane puppy for whom it was intended passed before He got to ...
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Shop Dog Toys products by PetSafe

Which Puppy Toy Is Best? Toys, Toys, Toys! Chew on This, not That. protect. teach. love. ©2021 Radio Systems Corporation All Rights Reserved.
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How Does Your Dog Learn? | PetSafe®

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist. When Natalie adopted Emma, she knew one thing: puppy training had to start immediately.
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Dealing with Doggie Drama | PetSafe®

Jessie and Moose are always up for an adventure. Raising a puppy, I had daydreams of us being best friends, always together and living in perfect harmony. My ...

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