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Busy Buddy® Waggle™ by PetSafe - GRP-BB-WAG

I gave it 3 stars because my puppy has a lot of fun playing with it for the few minutes the treats last. Since she has so much fun with the busy buddy toy, and she ...
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Boundary Training 101 | PetSafe® Articles

Dogs want to explore, but we want to keep them safe. Follow these easy steps to teach your dog yard boundaries.
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How to Enrich Shelter Pets' Lives | PetSafe® Articles

“Puppy class” means someone is fostering a litter of puppies for a local organization and it's time to socialize those puppies! We believe in proper training and ...
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How to Train a Deaf Dog | PetSafe® Articles

Training a dog takes patience and practice. Training a dog who is deaf can be even more challenging. They can do all the same activities a hearing dog can do;  ...
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Why Do Dogs Bark at Night? | PetSafe® Articles

Walk through any neighborhood at night and you'll hear it: the sound of barking dogs. It seems that night barking is just a part of life. But what causes dogs to ...
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Rough Play between Dogs | PetSafe® Articles

A puppy is less likely to argue with older dogs about who is the boss, but young pets have no off switch. Old dogs don't move as quickly as puppies, and they ...
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10 Indoor Exercises for Dogs This Winter | PetSafe® Articles

Do Puppy Push-Ups. Get your dog's blood pumping with the doggy version of push-ups. Have your dog sit, do a down position, and then sit back up. Once your  ...
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Can You Train a Dog to Stop Barking at House Guests? | PetSafe ...

Barking is a normal part of canine communication but it's not always an inviting sound to visitors. Your dog's verbal expressions can be frustrating and even ...
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How Social Pet Helped a Working Pet Parent | PetSafe® Articles

Taylor with her puppy, Dudley. Do you ever feel guilty leaving your pet at home while at work? If so, I can relate. Over 50% of pet owners have to leave their pets  ...
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Break the Barking Habit: Speak and Hush | PetSafe® Articles

Have a noisy pup? Stop your dog's barking by teaching him to bark on command and be quiet on command.

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