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Foster Puppies!!! Part 3 | PetSafe® Articles

Puppies! I've spent the last few weeks telling you about my experiences with my foster dog, Momma, and her 7 puppies. The last 2 blogs have been about my ...
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Training Tool Choices: The Harness or The Head Collar? | PetSafe ...

Both can be used daily and both are approved for use on puppies of 6 weeks of age or older. The Easy Walk harness has its own benefits as an alternative to the  ...
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How to Keep Dogs & Cats Away From Each Other's Food | PetSafe ...

When dogs and cats live together, they often snack from each other's food bowls. A taste now and then probably won't upset your pets' nutrition, but it can hiss off ... food
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How Does Your Dog Learn? | PetSafe® Articles

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist. When Natalie adopted Emma, she knew one thing: puppy training had to start immediately.
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Running With Your Dog | PetSafe® Articles

Running a puppy or an elderly dog can be harmful. With puppies, wait until the growth plates on his bones close because running them too soon can result in ...
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Why Neuter a Dog? The health and behavior benefits | PetSafe ...

In fact, one of the first questions a pet insurance company will ask applicants is whether their dog is spayed or neutered. Specifically, non-neutered (intact) male  ... problems

How do I clean it?

To clean up your pet's waste, remove the waste container and dump the urine in your toilet or yard. The waste container holds 2 liters of liquid and is made of a ...
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Top 5 Uses for Pet Barriers | PetSafe® Articles

Natalie's puppy, Emma, needs to learn her boundaries when it comes to certian areas and other doggies. Did you know Pawz Away Pet Barriers can give your ...
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Is It All Fun and Games? Find Out If Your Pet Is a Good Playmate ...

One of my favorite things about my Boykin Spaniel puppy, Emma, (and any other dog for that matter) are their constant playful attitudes. Nothing brings my heart ... good-playmate
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How to Love Your Pet Unconditionally | PetSafe® Articles

Look at those puppy dog eyes, you just can't say 'no' any longer. 2. Play: Emma loves her treats, don't get me wrong, but not as much as she loves me joining ...

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