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Ask a Vet: Why Is the Fur on My Dog's Face or Body Stained Brown ...

Have you ever seen a white dog with a dark, stained beard? While it's harmless for the most part, there are some medical conditions that could cause ... body-stained-brown
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How to Love Your Pet Unconditionally | PetSafe®

Look at those puppy dog eyes, you just can't say 'no' any longer. 2. Play: Emma loves her treats, don't get me wrong, but not as much as she loves me ...
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Running With Your Dog | PetSafe®

Running a puppy or an elderly dog can be harmful. With puppies, wait until the growth plates on his bones close because running them too soon can result in ...
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Training Deaf Dogs | PetSafe®

When adopting a puppy, it is wise to take a few moments to test that she can hear. If a hearing-impaired pup sees her brothers and sisters rush meet a ...
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Foster Momma, My BFF: Part 2 | PetSafe®

After the growling, I knew Momma wasn't going to let me near her puppies at ... me to sniff the puppy, and I always complied by offering the puppy to Momma.
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Pets Are for Life, Not Just Christmas | PetSafe®

They reach into the huge box and pull out a buttery yellow golden retriever puppy – also with the requisite bow around her neck! The kids and the puppy grow ...
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Interactive Pet Toys by PetSafe®

puppy toys Designed for puppies 2 – 6 months old, these smaller Busy Buddy toys feature softer rubber that's gentle on puppy teeth yet durable enough for ...
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Thomas Fraser | PetSafe®

That pretty new puppy in your arms is going to be a handful. With patience, love and persistence, however, he will grow quickly by your side and become a ...
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Gentle Leader® Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar by PetSafe - GRP ...

Highly recommended to any one with a problem puppy. Wish I would have gotten this months ago!!! ✓ Yes,; I recommend this product.
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How to Choose the Right Toy for Your Pet | PetSafe®

So puppies need softer toys to protect gums and baby teeth. Consider dog safe plush toys and puppy lines like Busy Buddy Puppy or Pogo Plush®; at this stage ...

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