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The Healing Power of Pets | PetSafe®

... or that petting a cat or dog can lower your blood pressure? ... What are the benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy for Cancer Patients?
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Dealing with Arthritis in Pets | PetSafe®

While it is more commonly found in older or overweight cats and dogs, joint problems ... Physical therapy - Ask your vet to show you some simple massage or ...
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97% 69%

is similar to a TENS Unit used in physical therapy ... Static stimulation is only for dogs ... Most pet owners would love to give their dogs more.
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How to Make a Go Kit for Your Pets | PetSafe®

It doesn't matter if you have reptiles, pocket pets, dogs, cats, birds or horses. Any pet you care for should have a backup plan just like you should have ...
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Martingale Collars with Quick Snap Buckle by PetSafe - GRP-PQC

Say goodbye to the hassle of sliding the collar over your dog's head and refitting it ... I love the collar and the control it gives me with my service dog.
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Senior Pet Pain Management | PetSafe®

By interrupting the inflammatory cascade, you ultimately let your dog or cat ... Acupuncture; Massage; Physical therapy; Hydrotherapy, where a pet swims or ...
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Why Does My Pet Pee on Objects? | PetSafe®

There can be many triggers for cats and dogs to pee on objects. ... use their pee like cologne to surround themselves with kitty-pleasing aroma therapy.
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Create a Simple Feeding Schedule for Your Dog | PetSafe®

Is your dog waiting at the door for you to come home every day? How does he know that you are just about to walk through the door? Most dogs seem to have a ...
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What to Do If Your Pet Has an Orthopedic Injury | PetSafe®

The most common ligament injured in dogs is the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) in the knee. Similar to many career-ending sports injuries, injuring this ...
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A Guide to Understanding Your Senior Pet | PetSafe®

While larger breeds hit their senior years earlier than small dogs, most dogs ... some much needed relief from joint pain, you should consider heat therapy.

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