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Should I Get My Pet Spayed or Neutered? | PetSafe®

Many more people get their female dogs and cats neutered than their males for ... months after diagnosis and therapy can be complex, painful, and expensive.
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Proper Grooming and Skin Care for Senior Dogs | PetSafe®

After all, some pets, especially cats and shedding dogs, can keep themselves sufficiently clean, and others only need the occasional bath to remove the ...
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Oral Cancer Treatments for Cats | PetSafe®

Unfortunately, a high proportion of cat oral cancers are life-threatening, and survival times are short, even with therapy. Early detection of most cancer ...
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EasySport Harness by PetSafe - GRP-ESPH

This one goes out to our most athletic dogs. Our running buddies, our camping partners, our kayaking ... It also has a place to put his service dog patches.
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In-Ground Fences Are for Cats, too! | PetSafe®

Set secure yard boundaries for your pets. Harnesses & Leashes. Enjoy better walks. Bark Collars & Deterrents. Stop your dog's barking. Training. Teach your pet ...
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David Haworth, DVM, PhD

Recent Advances in Pain Management in Dogs By David Haworth, DVM, PhD ... cancers are life-threatening, and survival times are short, even with therapy.
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Shop for Deluxe In-Ground UltraLight™ Receiver by PetSafe - PUL ...

For dogs 8 pounds and up; 4 adjustable levels of static correction ... we are still able to provide replacement assistance through our Customer Care Center.
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Pawz Away® Threshold Barrier by PetSafe - ZWF00-17117

I set this up to deter my dog from going up our stairs, but my dog acted as if it ... I do not like using shock therapy, however desperate times call for ...
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Breed Info Articles | PetSafe®

Do your pets dream? While we can't know for sure what they dream about, dogs and cats certainly appear to go through the motions of paws paddling, whiskers ...
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PTSD and Pets: Finding Comfort in Our Furry Friends | PetSafe®

After extensive therapy and rehabilitation, they were considered disabled ... started acting like the people I used to know once they both had a dog.

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