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Adopt a Mutt, The Best of Everything | PetSafe®

We all have our preferences when it comes to the types of dogs to which we are ... with a bed-ridden nursing home resident on a pet-assisted therapy visit.
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3 Reasons You Should "Fix" Your Pet | PetSafe®

By Jim Tedford, Director of Animal Affairs and Alliances. Jim with his dogs, Bodie and Sam. I think I know the basic definition of the concept of cause and ...
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Breed Info Articles | PetSafe®

Little Dog Syndrome: Keeping Small Dogs Safe at the Dog Park. By Tony Johnson. Small dogs have lots of advantages - less food, medicine costs less, ...
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Come With Me Kitty Harness | Cat Harnesses And Leashes | PetSafe

Essential tool for cat physical therapy. I purchased this as part of my cat's physical ... Dogs Too. I got this for my jack russell terrier and He loves it.
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ScatMat® Indoor Pet Training Mats by PetSafe - GRP-SKM

With this training mat you can quickly and safely teach your cat or dog off limits areas in your ... I was very hesitant to use a 'shock therapy' approach!!
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Customer Service Week Highlights | PetSafe®

Top 5 Customer Care Questions Answered · Service Dog FAQs · Collar Safety Awareness Week. protect. teach. love. ©2021 Radio Systems Corporation All Rights ...
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Pet-Friendly Winter Getaways | PetSafe®

Here, dogs are are free to roam, play swim and meet other dogs – all without a leash. Every year, Dog Mountain gets more and more visitors from around the world ...
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Pit Bulls Aren't Scary | PetSafe®

The dog breeds that can be considered "pit bulls" (as there is no single "pit bull" breed) represent some of the hardest working, most loyal animals in the dog ...
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Creating a Memorial for Your Pet | PetSafe®

Dog Journalist. pet memorials It's something no pet owner wants to think about--the day when our beloved companion leaves us behind.
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How are pet parents improving the quality of life for their pets ...

In your household, is your dog or cat considered a member of the family? For many Americans, this is the case. Because pets are so loved, their owners are ... for-their-pets

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