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Busy Buddy® | Treat Dispensing Dog Toys | Petsafe®

By combining treats with a more interactive kind of toy, your dog gets the same satisfaction he would get by catching his own prey in the wild. Some dogs have ...
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Kibble Chase™ Roaming Treat Dropper by PetSafe - PTY00-16858

The treat chase is on! The PetSafe® Kibble Chase™ Roaming Treat Dropper is a high-tech dog toy that will get your pup excited about playtime.
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Train n' Praise Treat Dispenser by PetSafe - PDT00-14016

Teach your pet remotely with treats. The handheld remote activates the treat dispenser from up to 25 feet away, so you can reward good behavior immediately.
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Treat Pouch Sport by PetSafe - GRP-TPS

Dog Treat Pouch Sport by PetSafe® is the perfect accessory for training sessions and trips to the dog park.
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Shop for Busy Buddy® Twist 'n Treat™ by PetSafe - GRP-BB-TNT

Our patented Treat Meter® dispenses treats randomly while your dog plays with the toy. Trim the prongs to make treats come out faster. Available in extra small, ...
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Shop for Treat Pouch Sport- Black by PetSafe - PTA00-13748

The Mini Treat Pouch contains the same features as the Treat Pouch Sport, but is 25% smaller! Complete with handy pockets, waterproof and stain-resistant ...
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Busy Buddy® Rawhide Treat Rings by PetSafe - GRP-BB-RING

Each treat ring is rigorously tested and inspected to ensure that your pet receives nothing but the highest quality treats. Made from natural rawhide with grain ...
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Squeak 'n Treat Ninja Star by PetSafe - GRP-NINJA

The Squeak 'n Treat Ninja Star combines the fun of a squeaky toy with the challenge of tasty treats that slowly dispense as your dog plays.
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Shop Treats by PetSafe

Dog treats are great for dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors. PetSafe® Busy Buddy® Rawhide Treat Rings are chewy dog treats that help keep your dog ...
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Dog Treat Ring Variety Pack - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner by PetSafe

Includes 5 treat rings of each flavor - Bacon - Peanut butter and jelly - Turkey, cranberry and pumpkin · Tasty distraction for pets that are bored, anxious or ...

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