Training your pet to a containment system: Step 2: Distraction Phase

Training sessions should start at 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing to over an hour. Your pet is ready for this step only when he clearly avoids the entire boundary flag line, regardless of any distractions or temptations. During this step, do not leave your pet unattended.

To train your pet to stay within the pet area even with distractions outside of the pet area.


  • Put a separate non-metallic collar on your pet’s neck ABOVE the receiver collar and attach a leash. Note: Be sure the extra collar does not put pressure on the contact points.
  • Create distractions to tempt your pet to enter the warning and static correction zones, such as have a family member cross from inside the pet area to outside of it, throw a ball outside of the pet area, or have a neighbor walk their pet outside of the pet area.


  1. Put the collar on your pet and in the "on" position.
  2. Walk your pet on a leash toward the boundary flags. Use one of the distraction methods list above. If your pet follows, let him / her feel a correction and quickly lead them back into the pet area and praise them. If your pet does not follow the family member, praise him / her warmly.
  3. Have a family member or a neighbor with a dog walk outside the pet area parallel to the boundary flag line.
  4. Repeat the interaction with your pet as in step 1.
  5. With your pet on a leash, throw a ball outside the boundary flag line. Again, repeat the interaction with your dog as in previous steps.
  6. Repeat distractions at several different boundary flags.