How do I train my pet to use the Pet Loo?

Basic Steps

  • Place your dog where you want him to go at toilet time. Dogs usually need to pee after sleeping, eating, or playing. Younger puppies may need to urinate as frequently as every 30 minutes.
  • Keep your pet at that spot until he relieves himself.
  • Praise your pet when he does.
  • Repeat!

Most pets quickly learn to use the Pet Loo. Start by putting the Pet Loo where your pet is used to going. For cats, this might be next to the litter box. For dogs who are used to pee pads, place it under his pee pads. If your dog is used to going outside, place it outside near where he usually goes.

If your dog uses pee pads and is reluctant to step up onto the Loo during this initial stage, take the synthetic grass off the base unit and place the pad/paper on top of the grass and on the ground, in the area that your dog prefers to toilet. After a day or so of successfully using the grass and paper combination, you can then introduce the base unit to your dog by placing it next to the synthetic grass. Allow your dog another day or so before placing the grass and paper back on top of the Pet Loo. Once your pet is confidently using the Loo, you can start halving the paper/pad on top of the grass.

There are products available that help you train your pet to go to the bathroom. Instinctively pets are territorial so if they smell a scent of another dog's pee, they will be inclined to mark over the top of it. "Skip to my Loo" is a unique attractant that helps you to toilet train your best friend. The scientifically formulated solution mimics animal urine and encourages your pet to use that spot, making potty training easy.

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