How do I locate a break in the boundary wire?

  • Locate your original splice(s) and verify they have a good, solid connection.
  • Check your yard to determine any possible damage to the boundary wire (e.g. recent digging, aerating, rodent burrowing, or any other noticeable disturbance in your yard next to the wire).
  • If you still cannot find the break in the boundary wire, there are 2 options for locating it.

Option 1: Purchase a Wire Break Locator that will locate the break in the boundary wire. Watch this video for instructions on using the Wire Break Locator.

Option 2: Follow the procedure below.

  1. Unplug the transmitter.
  2. Connect both ends of your twisted wire to one boundary wire terminal.
  3. Measure and cut a test wire which is half the length of your total boundary wire footage.
  4. Connect one end of test wire to the other boundary wire terminal.
  5. Locate the halfway point of your boundary and cut the boundary wire.
  6. Splice the other end of the test wire to either side of your boundary wire where you cut it in half.
  7. Plug in the fence transmitter and check the loop indicator light. If the loop indicator light is on, you can assume the break is in the other half of the boundary wire.
  8. If the loop indicator light did not come on, you may assume there is a break in this portion of the boundary wire. However, there is a small chance of having more than one break in your system.
  9. Be sure to check both halves of your entire loop.
  10. Replace the damaged boundary wire with new wire.
  11. Reconnect the boundary wire to the fence transmitter.
  12. Check the loop indicator light. If the loop indicator light is on, test the system with the receiver collar.

If you suspect you have a partial wire break, contact our Customer Care Center and we'll be happy to help.