How do I repair a damaged wire (splice wires)?

Before you begin splicing wire, it will be helpful to you to note the locations of all splices for future reference. If you ever have a wire break, these most often happen at a splice, and it will be helpful to you to be able to find your splices easily if this ever happens.

It will also be helpful to make your splices waterproof. Gel-filled splices are included in your original containment system. Additional splice capsules and wire nuts are available for purchase online, by calling the Customer Care Center at 1-866-738-4379, and at most hardware stores.

To make a splice:

  1. Strip approximately 3⁄8 inch of insulation off the ends of the boundary wires to be spliced. Make sure the copper of the wire is not corroded. If the boundary wire is corroded, cut it back to expose clean copper wire.
  2. Insert the stripped ends into the wire nut and twist the wire nut around the wires. Ensure that there is no copper exposed beyond the end of the wire nut. Tie a knot 3 to 4 inches from the wire nut. Ensure that the wire nut is secure on the wire splice.
  3. Once you have securely spliced the wires together, open the lid of the gel-filled splice capsule and insert the wire nut as deeply as possible into the waterproof gel inside the capsule.
  4. Snap the lid of the capsule shut. For proper system performance, the splice connection must be waterproof.

Note: If your splice pulls loose, the system will not function. Make sure your splice is secure.