My receiver collar activates in the middle of the yard.

The receiver collar activates when it loses the transmitter signal. This sometimes occurs if a large metal object is between the receiver collar and transmitter, if the orientation of the receiver collar changes near the boundary zone, or if the surrounding “electronic noise” interferes with the signal. If this continues to occur, consider relocating the transmitter and resetting the pet area.

Another option is to re-synchronize the system.

  1. Remove the receiver collar from your pet.
  2. Remove the battery from the receiver collar. Discharge all power by holding the correction level button down until the LED is no longer illuminated.
  3. At the transmitter, move the boundary switch from the low to the high position.
  4. Slowly adjust the boundary control dial up to 8, down to 1 and then back to the #4 position.
  5. Standing within 5-10 feet of the transmitter, reinsert the battery into the receiver collar.
  6. Take the receiver collar, use the test light tool or listening to the collar for the beeping. As you walk away from the transmitter and approach the boundary, the test light illuminates or you'll hear the collar beep at the boundary. If this happens, the system is working.
  7. Once you are confident that the system is working, reset the transmitter controls to the original settings.