Where do I place my wireless transmitter?

The wireless transmitter creates a circular containment area for your pet. The transmitter is at the center of the circle.

Choose a location for your transmitter that meets the following criteria:

  • 2-4 feet above the floor located on the ground floor of your home.
  • Dry, well ventilated, protected area where temperatures do not drop below freezing.
  • At least 3 feet away from large metal objects.
  • Near a standard wall outlet.
  • You may also choose to place your transmitter on a non-metal table or mount the unit on a wall. We recommend that you do not mount the transmitter until you have confirmed that you are pleased with the containment area the transmitter creates for your pet. This is just in case you need to move or adjust the transmitter.

After you have chosen the location for your transmitter, next:

  • Plug your transmitter into a standard wall outlet.
  • Turn the transmitter on.
  • Adjust the boundary control knob to 8 and the boundary switch to high.
  • Make sure the receiver collar battery is properly installed, the static correction level is set at 2 or greater, and the test light tool contacts are touching the contact points of the collar.
  • Hold the receiver collar down low and in front of you and walk out into your yard.
  • When you hear the collar beep and the test light tool illuminates, this represents the boundary of the containment area.

At this point, you may wish to install the boundary flags included with your system to help you get a visual of the boundary area. You will need the flags to begin training your dog as well.
If you wish to adjust the boundary area, you can either adjust the size of the area by adjusting the boundary dial up or down or you can adjust the location of the boundary area by moving the transmitter within your home.