Where do I put my boundary flags?

The Boundary Flags are visual reminders for your pet of where the Boundary Zone is located. The Receiver Collar will activate within 2 to 3 feet of the Boundary Flags. The flags should go just inside the boundary zone along the wire. To locate the wire:

  1. Remove the receiver collar from your pet and ensure it is on.
  2. Hold the test light to the receiver collar contacts at your pet’s neck height and walk out into your yard.
  3. Hold the collar and test light at the level of your pet's height.
  4. Walk towards the warning zone until the receiver collar beeps and the test light tool illuminates.
  5. Place a boundary flag in the ground at the location where you hear the beep and see the light of the test light tool flash.
  6. Walk back into the pet area until the beeping stops.
  7. Repeat this process around your yard, placing flags every 10 feet until the containment yard is fully marked with flags.

Note: the higher the level of correction of the receiver collar, the brighter the light with flash. If you cannot see the light flash, increase the level of correction of the collar.