Setup Step 2: Prepare the Receiver Collar

Charge the Receiver Collar

  • Note: Do not allow the pet to roam inside the house with the Receiver Collar turned ON.
  • A full charge takes 2-3 hours and lasts approximately 9 days
  • (Built-in safety circuit prevents the Collar from overcharging)
  • Fully charge the collar prior to programming a boundary
  • Do not charge the Receiver Collar every night.
  • Frequent charging can have a negative effect on the battery  life. We recommend that the Receiver Collar be used until the  Receiver Indicator Light blinks red/green or red.

To charge the Receiver Collar, lift the rubber plug to allow access to the Receiver Charge Jack . The rubber plug needs to remain attached to the Receiver Collar. Plug the  Receiver Charger into the Receiver Charge Jack on the Receiver Collar. The Receiver Charge Jack and Receiver Charger are keyed to fit one way. Do not force it in backwards.

Turning the Receiver Collar ON

  1. Press and hold the Mode Button continuously for 2 seconds.
  2. The green light will light up briefly and you will hear two tones chime.
  3. When the Receiver Collar is turned on without a programmed boundary, the Receiver Collar will perform the ReadyTest® sequence, two chimes and then shut down.

Turning the Receiver Collar OFF

  1. Press and hold the Mode Button continuously for 5 seconds.
  2. The red Receiver Indicator Light will be ON during this time. The red Receiver  Indicator Light will then turn OFF and all Receiver Indicator Lights will stay  OFF indicating that the unit is turned OFF. You will also hear a two tone  chime indicating the unit has been turned OFF.

Adjusting the Static Correction Level

There are two ways to change the Static Correction Level.

With the Receiver Collar turned on, press and release the Mode Button briefly.  When released, the unit will flash indicating the Correction Level by the number of times the indicator flashes. Press the mode button again within 5 seconds of the last red flash and it will increase one level. Continue to repeat this procedure until the desired static correction level is achieved.

The Static Correction Level can also be changed by connecting the BPU and navigating to the System Setting screen and selecting the Receiver Settings menu.

Function and Response Table

Indicator Light Response Static Correction Level Receiver Collar Function Temperament of Pet
1 Red Flash 1 (default) No Static Correction, Tone Only Initial Training Mode
2 Red Flashes 2 Low Static Correction Timid
3 Red Flashes 3 Medium-Low Static Correction Timid or Average
4 Red Flashes 4 Medium Static Correction Average Energy
5 Red Flashes 5 Medium-High Static Correction Average or High Energy
6 Red Flashes 6 High Static Correction High Energy


Receiver Collar Status Indicator Table

Status Light Alarm Tone Condition
While Plugged into Receiver Charger    
Solid red No tone Charge in progress
Solid green No tone Charge complete
No light No tone Charge failure (possible issue with receiver, charger, or power outlet)
Either red or green for 3 seconds, OFF for 1 second  No tone Unit is reporting battery status:
Red = battery needs charge
Green = battery charge is full
Red/green for 3 seconds, OFF for 1 second No tone Unit is performing internal self test
 Solid green or red/green or red (5 second duration) No tone Battery charge indicator:Green = 100%-60%
Red/green = 60%-20%
Red = 20% or less
Red flash occuring 1 - 6 times 2 note chime immediately after red flashing Unit is reporting Static Correction level from 1 to 6 then shut down
Removing from BPU    
No light 2 note chime Unit is shut down
Operating Battery Status    
Slow blinking green (every 4-5 seconds) No tone Collar battery charge 100%-60%
Slow blinking red/green (every 4-5 seconds) No tone Collar battery charge 60%-20%
Slow blinking red (every 4-5 seconds) No tone Collar battery charge 20% or less, charge immediately
Receiver Activation Status    
Fast pulsating green (3 flashes per second) Low frequency warning tone Receiver collar in Warning Zone area
Fast pulsating red (3 flashes per second) Mid frequency warning tone Anti-linger static correction being delivered with the Receiver Collar in the Warning Zone area
Fast pulsating red (3 flashes per second) High frequency warning tone Run through static correction being delivered with the Receiver Collar beyond the mapped boundary point area

Step 3: Program the BPU