Setup Step 5: Install the Fence Transmitter

Before mounting the Fence Transmitter, make sure that you review the Installation Requirements below. It is important that the Fence Transmitter is not moved once mounted as even slight changes may cause disruptions to the established boundaries.

  1. To ensure proper operation, this Transmitter must be permanently mounted on a vertical, non-metallic surface using the mounting bracket provided.
  2. Do not place the Fence Transmitter on top of any metal surface such as a refrigerator, metal shelf, or metal table.
  3. Do not mount the Fence Transmitter within 5 feet of large metal surfaces such as refrigerators, washer/dryers, metal tables, or shelving.
  4. Do not locate the Fence Transmitter closer than 10 feet from water heaters and furnaces.
  5. The Fence Transmitter should not back up to a mirror on the other side of a wall. There needs to be more than 1 foot of separation between the Transmitter and the mirror.
  6. Do not mount the Fence Transmitter within 2 feet of a concrete floor or adjacent to metal HVAC ductwork.
  7. If placing the Fence Transmitter in the garage, mount the transmitter near the ceiling and at least 2 feet above roof of any vehicle parked in the area, If the Fence Transmitter is within 10 feet of a metal overhead garage door, it needs to be placed above the top of the door, close to the ceiling.
  8. Do not mount the Fence Transmitter near electrical service panel or near main wiring trunks due to the large concentration of house wiring.
  9. Fence Transmitters may be located in basements as long as installation requirements are observed.
  10. For a partial boundary, locate the Fence Transmitter at least 10 feet away from the entry door where your dog will exit home and enter the pet area.
  11. If the transmitter will be mounted in a high traffic area, mount it high enough on the wall so that you can walk underneath it.

Mounting the Transmitter on a Wall

  1. Remove mounting bracket from the Transmitter.
  2. Using the screws and mounting anchors provided, mount the bracket to the wall.
  3. Slide the Transmitter over the bracket Be certain that you can read the PetSafe® logo straight on and not sideways.
  4. Plug the adapter into a functional AC wall outlet The power light on the power adapter should turn GREEN.
  5. Slide the power switch UP to turn ON the Transmitter.

Step 6: Program the Boundary