Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™ System




  • I have a very small dog. Will the collar be too heavy for my dog?
  • Which collars are compatible with which systems?
  • I found a lost pet with one of your collars on. Is there a way to locate the owner?
  • How do I use the Test Light Tool to test my collar?
  • Can I attach a leash to the containment receiver collar?
  • Can I use the containment system on a cat?
  • Can I use the system on an aggressive dog?
  • Can the receiver collar be placed on my pet’s present collar?
  • Fitting the receiver collar
  • How long can my pet wear the receiver collar?
  • How old should my pet be before I start training?
  • Is there a hand-held remote transmitter that will work with the system?
  • My pet reacts strongly to the static correction and has become fearful.
  • My receiver collar is beeping but my pet is not responding to the static correction.
  • Where do I put my boundary flags?
  • Will static correction harm my pet?
  • Will this fence keep other pets out of my yard?
  • What gauge of wire can I use?
  • What is a partial wire break and how do I find it?
  • What is the Short Loop Test and how is it done?
  • Which fences work with which pet proofing barriers?
  • Once my pet is trained to respect the yard boundaries, how do I bring my pet into and out of the yard?
  • How much wire do I need?
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  • How old should my pet be before I start training?
  • Training your pet to a containment system: Step 1: Flag Recognition
  • Training your pet to a containment system: Step 2: Distraction Phase
  • Training your pet to a containment system: Step 3: Unleashed Supervision & Monitoring
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  • My loop light is off or my Transmitter is beeping.
  • My Receiver is flashing even after putting in a new battery.
  • My Receiver isn’t picking up a signal over my yard wire.
  • My signal is inconsistent and the Receiver is either correcting too far away from, or too close, to the wire.
  • My Transmitter’s power LED light isn’t lighting up.
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