Drinkwell® Avalon Pet Fountain

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  • Are PetSafe fountains safe?
  • What types of materials are PetSafe fountains and filters made with?
  • How do I clean the fountain?
  • How can I make the filters last longer?
  • Do I need to use a filter with the fountain?
  • How do I get my pets to drink from the fountain?
  • How do the filters work?
  • How often should I change the filter?
  • What are the filters made of?
  • What’s the difference between the regular carbon filters and the premium filters?
  • Why do I need to change the filters?
  • Which side of the filter should face the front?
  • Is the plastic in your fountains BPA-free?
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Installation & Setup

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  • How do I get my pets to drink from the fountain?
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  • The pump is not working or the water is not flowing as much as it used to.
  • The fountain is too loud.
  • There are black particles in the bowl.
  • The fountain feels slimy.
  • The adaptor is warm to the touch.
  • The fountain is leaking.
  • The fountain seems dirty even after cleaning.
  • The rubber grommet is missing from the packaging.
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