Pet Loo Portable Dog Toilet

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  • How do I clean it?
  • Can I buy more than one and join them together?
  • Can I move The Pet Loo around or does it have to stay in one place?
  • How often do I have to change the synthetic grass?
  • Is it okay if my pet sleeps and eats on the Pet Loo?
  • My Pet Loo slips across the floor when my dog jumps up on it.
  • My puppy keeps chewing the synthetic grass and pulling it off the Pet Loo. What can I do?
  • The synthetic grass seems to be losing grass blades around the edge.
  • Why is my Pet Loo starting to smell?
  • My Pet Loo Replacement Grass does not fit the Pet Loo.
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  • How do I get my dog to go outside after potty training on puppy pads or newspaper?
  • I need help potty training my dog.
  • My pet is potty trained but just recently started going inside the house.
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