Wee Care Pet Loo Enzyme Cleaner


Shake well before use.

2-3 times a week: Spray Wee Care on the Loo & Grass or alternative pet toileting area. Leave for 5-10 minutes then pour lukewarm tap water over the grass to flush out any excess urine.

Weekly: Thoroughly spray your Loo with Wee Care and leave for 5-10 minutes. Remove the grass and wash down the entire unit with mid-pressured water – (Ideally a hose or in the shower until liquid is clear). If ANY odors persist then Wee Care has not reached the source. Please repeat.

For maximum effectiveness it is advised to re-spray the area after cleaning, as Wee Care has the ability to work for up to 7 days.

Wee Care contains no chemicals, however we recommend a spot test is conducted on fabric before use.

Note: The cleaning procedures listed are based on average dog toileting habits. You may need to increase your use of the product depending on you or your pet’s individual needs.

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