Disposable Litter Box


The PetSafe® Disposable Litter Box is made of durable corrugated cardboard. The compact litter box easily pops up and folds back down for travel convenience. The box comes with a bag of crystal litter which absorbs urine and dries solid waste for 5x better odor control than clumping clay litters. The protective coating on the box protects against leaks while the box nests snuggly in the lid for extra protection. Whether you’re moving or taking your pet on vacation, this litter box is a convenient potty solution for a pet on the move.


  • What if my pet injests some crystal litter?
  • What are ScoopFree litter crystals made of?
  • Has the litter formula or quality changed since ScoopFree moved to PetSafe?
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Installation & Setup

  • Instructions for Assembly
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