ScoopFree® Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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Get fresh litter trays automatically delivered to your door. Choose when you’ll receive each shipment and how many trays you need. Free shipping and 10% discount included!

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  • What if my pet injests some crystal litter?
  • How does the ScoopFree litter box work?
  • Can I reuse the litter tray by throwing out the old litter and adding new litter?
  • Can ScoopFree be used with multiple cats?
  • How big are the litter trays?
  • How big is ScoopFree?
  • How do I change the litter tray?
  • How can I make the trays last longer?
  • How easy is it to set up ScoopFree?
  • How often should I change the litter tray?
  • What are ScoopFree litter crystals made of?
  • How reliable is ScoopFree?
  • How will I know when to change the litter tray?
  • What are the litter box's safety precautions?
  • What if my cat goes back into the box after it’s been used but before the rake begins to sweep?
  • What is the difference between ScoopFree Original, Ultra, and Slide?
  • What is the difference between the Premium Blue litter tray and the Free litter tray?
  • Where do I find the serial number to register my ScoopFree?
  • Where do I get replacement litter trays?
  • Which products do the litter trays fit?
  • Why do the trays not last as long for older cats?
  • Why is the green indicator light flashing?
  • Will I ever have to clean ScoopFree?
  • Will I ever have to scoop waste?
  • Will I have to add more litter crystals to the tray?
  • Will my cat like ScoopFree?
  • Will my cat track litter out of the box?
  • Will the box accommodate a large cat?
  • How old should my cat be before using a ScoopFree litter box?
  • Has the litter formula or quality changed since ScoopFree moved to PetSafe?
  • How do I make changes to my subscription?
  • When my subscription moved to PetSafe, did the rates change?
  • Why do I see “Radio Systems Corporation” on my subscription bill?
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  • Introducing Your Cat to the Litter Box
  • My cat stopped using the litter box.
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