Train n’ Praise Treat Dispenser


The PetSafe® Train 'n Praise™ is a reward system that uses a Handheld Remote and Treat Dispenser to positively reinforce good behavior at home. The PetSafe® Train 'n Praise™ remotely dispenses dry treats/kibble (up to ½ inch in size) from up to 25 feet away. It can be used with or without an audible tone for additional training. The Train 'n Praise™ can be highly effective in stopping problem behaviors such as begging, jumping on guests, or to teach other basic obedience commands.



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Installation & Setup

  • Setup Step 1: Prepare the Handheld Remote
  • Setup Step 2: Prepare the Treat Dispenser
  • Setup Step 3: Pair the Handheld Remote and Treat Dispenser
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  • Training: Getting Started
  • Training: Basic Obedience
  • Training: Eliminating Unwanted Behavior
  • How old does my dog have to be before using the Train 'n Praise™?
  • My dog is barking or pawing at the Treat Dispenser.
  • What type of behaviors can be improved or changed using the PetSafe® Train 'n Praise™?
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  • My Treat Dispenser is not dispensing when I press the Handheld Remote button.
  • My dog is barking or pawing at the Treat Dispenser.
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