Wholesaler Info

Information for Current & Prospective Wholesale Customers

In addition to selling our products directly to pet owners, we also offer wholesale accounts so you can sell PetSafe products to your customers. You may be eligible for a wholesale account if you represent a vet clinic, training facility, rescue group, humane society, groomer, or independent pet supply retailer.

Most of our products are available for wholesale purchase, but some restrictions may apply. You can choose to receive products from one of our distributor partners or get products directly from us with a wholesale account.

Distributor Partners

To request a list of our certified distributor partners contact us at:

     800-933-5595 (press 2 for Sales)
     inquiry@petsafe.net (subject: Distributor Partner List)

Direct Wholesale Accounts

Sell PetSafe products by working directly with the manufacturer. Our Inside Sales team will take your call, answer questions, and place your wholesale order today. Our team provides sales support and service to independent pet supply stores, veterinarians, trainers, behaviorists, rescues, humane societies, and more.

Already have a wholesale account? Log in and place your order.

Contact Inside Sales if you…

  • Are interested in establishing a direct, wholesale account with the PetSafe Brand
  • Are a former Premier®, Lucky Litter (ScoopFree® & FroliCat®), Drinkwell®, or Piddle Place™ customer
  • Already have a direct, wholesale account and your account number begins with 05 or 06 (Account number examples: 05-A123456  06-B123456)

     Inside Sales
     Phone: 800-933-5595 (press 2 for Sales)
     Monday – Friday 8 AM – 6 PM ET
     Fax: 800-795-5930

Wholesale Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about creating a new direct account?

  • Most of our products are available wholesale, but some restrictions may apply.
  • Account setup takes an average of 5 business days.
  • First time order minimums may apply.

How do I place an order?
If you are a former Premier, Lucky Litter (ScoopFree and FroliCat), Drinkwell, or Piddle Place customer or your account number begins with 05 or 06, contact Inside Sales at 800-933-5595: (Account number example: 05-A123456  06-B123456)

If your account number begins with 00, contact Order Management. (Account number example: 00-A123456)
     Order Management Contacts
     Phone: 800-675-8360, option 1
     Email: usorders@petsafe.net
     Fax: 877-828-5055

I am a former Premier wholesale customer and I used to order on the premier.com website. Can I still order there?
The premier.com website is no longer available to place orders. We have an online ordering website called iStore. iStore is an online ordering site available to most direct, wholesale customers. It provides 24/7 access to past order history, invoices, order tracking, and more! To begin the registration process, contact Inside Sales. Contact Inside Sales at 800-933-5595 to register on iStore.

Who do I contact with questions about iStore?
Contact Inside Sales at 800-933-5595.

How do I send payment?
Send all payments to:
Radio Systems® Corporation
PO BOX 633051
Cincinnati, OH 45263-3051

Direct any payment questions to:Phone: 865-824-1680
Email: request@petsafe.net

How do I request a return?
Contact the RMA (Returns) department with the following information:

  • Account number (usually begins with 00, 05, or 06)
  • Contact info including name, phone number, address, and email
  • Order number or PO number
  • Info about item(s) to be returned – item code or UPC, quantity, and cost
  • Reason for the return

     RMA Contacts
     Email (preferred): usreturns@petsafe.net
     Phone: 888-284-6234
     Fax: 865-966-7974