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Bark Collars

Get a quieter dog in only a few days.

Remove the strain that excessive barking has put on your relationship with your otherwise perfect pal.

Which Barking Solution Is Right for You & Your Dog?

  Bark Collars
Ultrasonic Bark Deterrents
  Correction from collar interrupts barking High-pitched sound warns dogs to stop barking
Reduces barking
Indoor & outdoor options
Keeps a single dog quiet
Keeps the whole pack quiet  
Works for neighbor dogs who bark outside  

How It Works

Bark control collars, available in 4 different correction types, are worn by the problem barker in the family. Easy to use, with no programming required, the collar gives your dog a safe, consistent reminder to be quiet right as he barks. The correction is startling but not harmful. Your pet will quickly learn when barking is allowed and when it’s not. You'll be amazed at how quiet your dog can be in as little as a few days.

Choosing the Right Collar

Each pet has a different temperament, and some forms of correction work better than others for certain pets. With 4 correction options to choose from, you can find a way to communicate with your dog.

  Spray Static Vibration Sonic/ Ultrasonic
Description Quick burst of citronella spray Safe, gentle correction Surprising, varying pattern of vibration Annoying high-pitched sound
Best For Sensitive dogs Stubborn dogs Sensitive dogs
Deaf dogs
Sensitive dogs
Small dogs
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Most Advanced Safety Features

At PetSafe, your pet’s safety is our #1 priority. All of our bark control products are engineered and quality tested to be humane and effective.

  • Quality tested to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness
  • Approved for short term and long term use
  • No interference with  remote/transmitter frequencies

Perfect Bark Technology

Our bark control collars are engineered with the most advanced technology and safety features on the market. With our innovative Perfect Bark dual detection technology, only your dog’s barking causes a correction, meaning no mistaken correction and no over-correction. The collar must pick up the sound AND vibration from barking before delivering a correction.

Choosing the Right Device

Bark collar or deterrent?

Bark collars are perfect if you need to stop your dog from barking inside and outside, or in places other than your home. Bark deterrents are great for dogs who only bark at squirrels in the yard or when cooped up inside.

Have multiple dogs but only some of them “talk” all the time? A deterrent will activate when any dog barks, meaning when one dog barks, all of your dogs will hear the harmless but annoying tone. A static, spray, or vibration bark collar will only correct the problem barker in your dog pack.

Diego's Story: How He Stopped the Endless Barking

Mike tells the story of his dog Diego, a canine cancer survivor, and how his endless barking at squirrels created a tense situation with the neighbors, until Mike got a PetSafe bark collar.

"He barked pretty much 24/7 at squirrels… I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family, especially busy people who don't have 10 hours a day to be a ‘dog whisperer.’”


From Safe Pets & Happy Owners

“I could not imagine a bark collar working any better than this one.”
- A Yappy Jack Russell Terrier Owner

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