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Pet Proofing

Keep their precious paws out of trouble.

Keep your curious pets away from the areas where they dig, scratch, or chew.

Pet Proof Your Home

Keep your pet out of danger and out of mischief

You want to keep your pet protected, and you also want to keep him out of trouble. Pet proofing lets you safely and easily train your pet to stay away from pet-free zones. Place the deterrent where you don’t want your pet to go. When your pet approaches, he'll receive a safe, harmless correction reminding him to stay away. Choose from sprays, wireless barriers, or static mats to prevent your pet from:

  • Raiding the trash
  • Jumping on counters
  • Scratching furniture
  • Digging in the garden
  • Entering pet-free rooms

Indoor Safety Solutions

Protect furniture, counters, specific rooms, and more

Indoor wireless barriers let you protect a circular area in your home. No more dirty pawprints on your new couch!

Outdoor Safety Solutions

Keep pets out of the trash, garden, pool, and more

Create pet-free zones in your yard or on the patio. Even the most determined diggers will stay away from the flowerbed.

No-Hassle, Flexible Barriers

Keep pets out of rooms and off stairs without the need for a pet gate.

The Threshold Barrier lets you set up pet-free zones without the need for pet gates and closed doors. Have guests staying upstairs? Place the Threshold Barrier at the bottom of the stairs to keep your dog away. Moving heavy furniture out of your home? Put the Threshold Barrier at the front door to keep your cats inside.

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Which Pet Proofing Option Is Right for You & Your Pet?



Collar activates mild static correction when pets approach barrier


Pets feel mild correction when they step on mat


Motion detector sprays pets when they approach

Portable for any rooms in your home
Works on any pet
Protects large rooms & areas
Protects furniture & counters

Protect Your Pets Inside & Out

In-ground fence collars work with pet proofing barriers

Give your pet safe boundaries outside with an electronic fence and keep your pet away from the couch, counter, pool, garden, or trash. The best part is your pet can wear the same collar everywhere. You can relax knowing your pets are playing safely in the yard or house without getting into trouble.

The YardMax® Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™ system works with any Pawz Away pet proofing barrier. All other in-ground fence systems work with the Indoor Pet Barrier Transmitter.

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Shelby and Luna's Story: How to Stop the Chewing Madness

Mike tells the story of his cats, rescued as kittens from a swimming pool, and how static mats prevented them from destroying his house.

"I can't begin to add up how much they've cost me in computer cords... With the success of the first ScatMat, we actually bought a couple more and just laid them out around the house to keep them off things... We don't even need to turn them on anymore."

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From Safe Pets & Happy Owners

“Two little transmitters and one collar later and our problem was solved. A great, long term solution.”
- Matty B.