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Maximum freedom, safer boundaries

When you purchase a YardMax™ Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™, you can get any of our compatible Pawz Away® pet proofing barriers at a discounted price. Not only can you give your pet safe boundaries outside, but now you can also teach your pet to stay away from the couch, counter, or trash inside. You can even keep pets away from the garden or pool outside. It's also great for giving certain pets access to areas while keeping more mischievous ones away. The best part is your pet can wear the same rechargeable collar everywhere. You can relax knowing they're playing safely in the yard or house without getting into trouble.

Enter promocode PAWZAWAY15 during checkout to receive your 15% discount!

Pawz Away Extra Indoor Pet Barrier


Create pet-free areas in your home including the kitchen, guest room, front door, and furniture.

$45.01 with promocode PAWZAWAY15 Shop Now

Pawz Away Extra Mini Pet Barrier


Protect smaller areas in your home from couches and furniture to counters and ledges.

$33.96 with promocode PAWZAWAY15 Shop Now

Pawz Away Extra Outdoor Pet Barrier


Place "the rock" in areas you want your pet to avoid including the garden, pool, and trash.

$57.76 with promocode PAWZAWAY15 Shop Now

Pawz Away Extra Threshold Pet Barrier


No more wrestling with pet gates! Keep your pet from entering rooms or using stairs.

$110.49 with promocode PAWZAWAY15 Shop Now

Maximum Freedom, Safer Boundaries

PetSafe in-ground fences are compatible with our pet proofing barriers. You can safely and easily train your pet to stay away from designated pet-free zones. Place the barrier where you don’t want your pet to go. When your pet approaches, he'll receive a safe, harmless correction reminding him to stay away. Prevent your pet from:

  • Raiding the trash
  • Jumping on counters
  • Scratching furniture
  • Digging in the garden
  • Entering pet-free rooms

Indoor Safety Solutions

Indoor wireless barriers let you set a circular pet-free zone in your home. No more dirty pawprints on your new couch! Protect your furniture, counters, specific rooms, and more.

Outdoor Safety Solutions


Create pet-free areas in your yard, garage, or patio. Keep your pets out of the trash, garden, pool, and more. Even the most determined diggers will stay away from the flowerbeds now.



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