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10 Translated Barks: Know What Your Dog Is Saying

One of the main differences between a dog and a stuffed animal is your dog’s ability to communicate with you. Just as we can form sentences and change the pitch of our voice to mean different things, so can a dog change her bark depending on what she's trying to tell you.

Dogs have many different kinds of barks. K9 Magazine recently described the Top 10 Barks and what they mean. I edited the list to make for easy reading, but if you’re really curious you can read the magazine’s whole post. Check out this cool infographic you can share to help other dog owners understand their dogs better!

too much barking1. Continuous rapid barking at a mid-range pitch: “Call the pack! There is a potential problem! Someone is coming into our territory!”

2. Barking in rapid strings with a few pauses at a mid-range pitch: “I suspect that there may be a problem or an intruder near our territory. I think that the leader of the pack should look into it.”

3. Prolonged or incessant barking, with moderate to long intervals between each utterance: “Is there anybody there? I’m lonely and need companionship.”

4. One or two sharp short barks at a mid-range pitch: “Hello there!”

5. Single sharp short bark at a lower mid-range pitch: “Stop that!”

6. Single sharp short bark at a higher mid-range: “What’s this?” or “Huh?” This is a startled or surprised sound. If it's repeated two or three times, its meaning changes to, “Come look at this!” to alert the pack to a new event.

7. dogs barking while playingSingle yelp or very short high-pitched bark: “Ouch!” This is in response to a sudden, unexpected pain.

8. Series of yelps: “I’m hurting!” “I’m really scared” This is in response to severe fear and pain.

9. Stutter-bark at a mid-range pitch: If a dog’s bark were spelled “ruff,” the stutter-bark would be spelled “ar-ruff.” It means “Let’s play!” and is used to initiate playing behavior.

10. Rising bark – almost a yelp, though not quite that high: Used during a rough-and-tough tumble play time, it means “This is fun!”

Some dogs can bark too much. There are several options for helping control your dog's chatter. Exercise and lots of playtime will wear your dog out, and she will talk less as a result.

10 translated dog barks If your dog continues to bark in the wee hours of the night or morning, bark control collars are another great way to deter barking. By monitoring your dog’s bark, these collars automatically let her know when she needs to be quiet with a safe, gentle correction. Offered in spray, static, ultrasonic, and vibration correction, you can train your dog not to bark, no matter how stubborn she is. Understanding your dog’s barking and working together to communicate can remove the strain excessive barking may have put on your relationship.

Which bark do you hear from your dog most often?

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I think my dog does the Hello bark the most :)

3. Prolonged or incessant barking, with moderate to long intervals between each utterance: “Is there anybody there? I’m lonely and need companionship.”

SQUIRREL! Let’s look into it!

Melissa, that’s so great your pet is so great at greeting everyone. Thanks for reading.

Margaret, Dogs sure love squirrels - that’s for sure! They are so cute playing outside and chasing them around. We’re sure your dog is just as adorable. Thanks for reading!

Brenda, Prolonged barking can really be a problem between pets and their owners. I’m sure you spend lots of time with your dog every day, but make sure she is getting a lot of exercise too. That can really help! Have you ever thought of using a bark control collar? Thanks for reading.

Hey ladies, it was tough but we decided to award the bark control collar to Brenda. We hope you’ll continue reading and check back often for more contests. Thanks!

Hi Natalie,
The very vocal female of my pair of Giant Schnauzers, trills, when we approach the turnoff within Stanley Park for their extended weekly runs.  Clearly, she anticipates the bliss of her favorite activity. Her Johnny-Come-Lately companion tries to emulate her every trick including the trilling but obviously lacks the “pipes.”

One of our dogs does the prolonged or incessant barking with intervals. We are RIGHT THERE so he is not lonely. He sometimes does this for no reason OR, mostly when our African Grey makes the noise of brakes on a bus. He will NOT stop…......

One of our dogs does the prolonged incessant barking with perfect spacing. Sometimes he does it for no known reason and others because of the ONE noise our African Grey makes. He will NOT STOP.

definitely are guarding our or their territory.  use number 1 and 2 a lot.

My dog watches tv and in the beginning, he just barked at shows with animals in them but now he barks so much that it is difficult to watch tv.  I have a bark collar for him and he barks right through it.  HELP

Our 10 month old boxer female is the talker.  If her mom has one of her bones she barks and looks at me.  At least they don’t fight.

I have 4 Siberian Huskies. They don’t bark but rather howl. They yap or bark when playing. It’s the 2 a.m. group “songs” that are a problem. One starts and gets the other 3 + 2 beagles going. They sing the “song” and all end on the same note. Strange huh? I would love to stop the ring leader before the group gets started.

Krista, We understand all dogs bark for different reasons. These are just the most common understandings. Have you tried any bark control products? Thanks for reading!

Nancy, Yes. Girls sure like to talk, especially when they are excited. :) Remember, it is a good outlet for energy and dogs need to bark sometimes. But, incessant barking can really be a problem. Have you noticed her vocals as an ongoing problem? If so, you may want to consider one of our bark control products.

Midge, it’s good your dogs know their home and want to protect you. Thanks for reading!

Beverley, what collar do you have? We understand how frustrating incessant barking can me. Email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we can have one of our Bark Control Specialists help you! Thanks for reading!

Barbara, puppies do like to test the ropes and get their message across. Thanks for reading!

Jacque, that is unusual! You should record them, we would love to hear! :) Huskies are beautiful dogs. We’re sure you are tired of it. Have you tried any Bark Control products? Thanks for reading!

You forgot two: The “airbark”: mouthing a bark while looking right at you, but no real sound. It generally means: “I want…” or, “Pay attention to me!” and the low growl while looking right at you, which generally means impatience or a reminder that dinnertime is getting close.

My Yorkie starts barking and won’t stop when we get into the car. Whenever he wants to play is palying, he gets into a barking jag. He does the same when he wants my husband and I to go to bed. I think it’s called the “Spoiled beyond belief” bark…and it’s ok. I know he’s happy and I wouldn’t trade himfor the world.

My dog does the Prolonged or incessant barking, with moderate to long intervals between each utterance, but she won’t come near me and backs off when I try to pet her

My guy is a demand barker.  Prolonged, incessant barking that has said “Play with me, pay attention to me, me, me, me” since he was six weeks old (he’s now 3 yrs).  He understands “No bark” but was driving me nuts in the car, until I got the citronella anti-bark collar.  Bingo.  No more barking.  At this point, all I need to do is hold the device up and tell him not to bark and he stops.  He’ll still use his “gotta pee” bark and “Oh, goodie, we’re almost there” bark, but that annoying, non-stop barking is no longer a problem.  I didn’t have much success with the ultrasonic devices, but every pet responds differently to various stimuli.

I have 2 Pekingese males…1 is 7.5 yrs, the other is 2 yrs. The older rarely barks at all, the younger is #1 & #2 Barking…incessantly! Help! He goes into the backyard and echoes his rapid loud lengthy barking and gets the whole neighborhood involved! If I yell out the door “HUSH” he stops for a moment and starts kicking rocks with his hind legs like a bull!!! He’s obviously quite frustrated at this point while I’m watching him. I go in and he starts incessantly barking again! EEKS!!! Is he broken? :~) Never had this problem with my first Peke. I got them both as young pups. They are also very jealous of each other and both are trying to be the Alpha. I know I’m supposed to be the alpha but I’m a wimp and they know it! They are quite spoiled too.

I have 6 dogs, a Doberman,a pitbull mix. aboxer mix,a min pin, i shitsui, and a long hair chihuahua. The min pin barks at everything, especially at mealtime, He will not stop until he gets is food. All of the others join in and its so noisy I can’t hear myself think. They also bark whenever they hear anyone near the house. It never stops. I don’t know how the control all of them. Help

Debbie, thanks for reading! It sounds like you have a very full home for animals of all sizes! We can imagine it would get a little noisy. Have you considered or used any of our bark control products?

Jennifer, great additions! We love the airbark! :) Thanks for reading.

Cherie, that’s adorable! I love that he knows when it’s bed time! :) All our pets are spoiled, aren’t they? Thanks for reading!

Dana, oh no! We know barking can be trying on a relationship. Have you considered any of our bark control products? Thanks for reading!

Annette, dogs do love to bark and it’s good for them to expend their energy. Incessant barking, however, can strain your relationship with your dog - and your neighbors. Have you considered any of our bark control products? Thanks for reading!

My Setter will sit by the door when she knows i’m leaving w/o her. She knows when she is going too.
She lifts her head and has this constant high pitched bark, that I can’t get her to stop HELP, neighbors find it less than amusing.

Jonathan, Your girl just wants to go with your everywhere - don’t you wish that was possible? :) Have you considered using any of our bark control products while you are away? Thanks for reading!

I have an English Springer Spaniel.  The only bark we can’t seem to control now is the one when someone knocks or rings the doorbell.  He goes crazy thinking that whoever it is is here to see him.  He then wants all their attention.  How can we get him to stay on his bed wheile we let the guests in and stay there while we visit?

Marcia, I love Springer Spaniels! I have a Boykin Spaniel myself, and she is a sweetheart. Have you considered using a remote trainer to teach her to go to her bed and stay? They can really give you a great communication system with your pet, and enhance your relationship. Thanks for reading!

[...] me a hug”. It’s really great to put “speak!” and “Quiet!” on cue so that, when you need your dog to hush, you can ask for it. Also, you can let them know when it is a good time to [...]

I have had my dog - a 5 yo lhasa apso male, adopted from a shelter, for a month now and today while we were playing, he gave me 2 loud barks, for the first time- i couldnt tell what the barks were, as they were new :)...

Does the bark collar still work if she is swimming in the lake?

My Pom is such a sweet loving little guy, but his separation anxiety - OMG. Absolute chaos and sounds like I am killing him!! For the last week we have been using a bark control collar. The difference is already night and day. It took a lot of soul searching to take this step, but he is calmer, and doesn’t try to bite me on my way out the door any more! I hate when it goes off, but I and my neighbors love the calmness. I don’t have to re-home him thanks to the collar.

A few of our Bark Control collars are not waterproof, so depending on the model the collar may not need to be submerged. Please email the model number on the collar to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we will be happy to provide further information.

My dog does the prolonged incessant barking. . .which I call the Chinese water torture bark. She does it all day, every day, and sometimes even does it through the night. My husband and I give her tons of attention, and we have another dog she plays with, so I don’t understand how she can be lonely. She barks as often as a slow drip from a leaky faucet.

hello Natalie, I have a female bichpoo and shes adorable i just have one problem is that every time she see a stranger and at night she starts barking . can u help me please? Thanks a lot, and i love your replies to the people here :)

Tonight my female lab has barked a little bit. She’s almost twelve and doesn’t bark hardly ever (I walk her everyday). It sound like, “woof… woof”. She’ll pause in between a few barks and then completely stop for a while. It isn’t urgent sounding, nor is it territorial (whih she will do sometimes unless I tell her to stop, which is normal). So idk… I was hoping you knew what her bark my be for. Is she in pain? Does she need our help? She does stay outside so.. yeah. I ‘m hoping you have an answer!

Your the best

My six year old pug-boston terrier mix barks loudly during play with his bottom up and his tail wagging. My boyfriend just adopted a five year old boxer who doesn’t bark very often at all. She acts as if she wants to play with my dog but as soon as he starts barking, her face changes and she goes to attack him. She grabs him by the neck with her mouth if she gets him, but we usually grab them both and pull them apart. What can I do to get my dog to play without barking, and to let the boxer know that this is not a threatening bark if he does do it?

I have a Dog who barks to get the play going.  And if I try to stop him from barking, he thinks he did something wrong and stops the play.  Should I just let him bark?

bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark

We have had our two almost-6-month old Cavoodle sisters since they were 8-weeks old (they are booked in for de-sexing on Friday). Sandy is very vocal whilst Noodles hardly ever makes any noise.  Sandy has a particular yelp she uses to alert us that either she or Noodles needs out to potty.  This was working fantastically well until the past couple of weeks when sandy has been using the potty yelp but neither pup has pottied. Sometimes she will use the yelp 4 or 5 times in succession and each time we don’t want to risk ignoring it and take them out.,. but nothing! Today the pattern continued but she then pee pee’d on a rug straight after coming in from one of the non-productive potty visits! Any ideas how we can break this pattern please?  Thanx so much.

Hi - thanks for the article very interesting - I just have one question - I have a miniature poodle, she sleeps at the end of our bed on a rocking chair and sheepskin - twice now in the middle of the night she has woken us up howling - freaks us out - very very haunting sound - what is she trying to say?

Howl (often sonorous and prolonged)

“I’m here!” “This is my territory!” “I hear your howls.”

Dogs use this to announce their presence, socialize over a distance, and declare territory. Although it may sound sad to a human, the dog is quite content.

I think my dog says let’s play the most

Exceptional Blog!

My mini dachshund is 4 years old! He’s quite the barker. We’ve gotten a complaint from our HOA and I’m unsure what to do. He had all of those barks: the “hi”, “come play” “ouch”..... He’s very protective when new people come to the door. I’m upping his exercise….. But I’m not sure what else to do! The PetSafe bark collar has cut the barking I’m half but one neighbor still complains. She’s crazy!!! BUT….. How can I curb the barking. HELP!!!!

why dose my dog bark at other dogs

Hi there,

my 18month old setter/spaniel cross, usually settles into bed at night but this last week has begun barking after i’ve gone to bed. We’ve recently moved house (3months) and our friends live nearby, their dog comes to visit most days and they love eachothers company. 

During the day she barks at strangers that go past our gate (it’s always locked), that’s a deep prolonged bark but at night it’s single barks, maybe a minute apart. She does this for about 30mins, then seems to settle.

I am wondering is my dog missing her new friend at night?



can my smart lttle sheba inu tell the gender of your dog by the sound of its bark?

Our dog “Chica” (Mexi-Dog Rescue) barks at animals on the TV all the time. She even recognizes the jingles to pet commercials and runs to the TV to wait for the animals to appear. (1. Continuous rapid barking at a mid-range pitch: “Call the pack! There is a potential problem! Someone is coming into our territory!”) She is a very reactive dog.

Our dog (a 4yr old Westie) barks constantly at the TV, attacking it every time he sees other animals on it. Will the stop dog bark collar citronella work??

Hi Mike,

We have several different bark control options, and each one is going to depend on how your pet best responds to the method used. There are static correction options, ultrasonic and spray. For more information on our bark control options, I have attached the link to our website.

I have a gorgeous pitbull x lab boy that never barks, or growls literally barked once or twice since we got him a month and a half ago. Today he just randomly started barking (and it’s a deep loud bark four or five times with even spacing). We did have someone pull a prank on us this morning and messed with our door then took off when I opened it. But he hasn’t stopped barking since. HELP our neighbor above us has a newborn baby I don’t want to upset them!

Hi there. We’re sorry to hear about this behavior that recently started, and we do have a variety of bark control options available on

Does this apply to all normal dogs or as well to deaf ones we have a deaf dog and at night she goes thru most of all the barks just curios is all

We have a yellow lab who is almost one. He barks at people all the time. He is never aggressive and his tail wags as he barks at them but I would say it is the first two types of bark. He is the sweetest dog and would never hurt anyone but he scares people. I was just wondering if you had any ideas on how to get him to stop. Thank you so much.

Hi Brittani. We can understand how barking could scare some people, especially from a larger dog. The PetSafe Brand offers a variety of different bark control options, and they are all available on our website. Please let us know if you have any additional questions, and we hope that you are able to find the right solution soon!

I have a Jack Russell who will howl really loudly every time my other dogs bark. It’s really annoying cause she has a really high-pitched “voice”, please can someone explain to me why she is doing this, and maybe teach me how to get her to stop?

lol sod does mine

Thank you that was very helpful! My dog says “Let’s play!”, “That was fun!” the most. :D

Admiring the hard work you put into your blog and in depth information you offer.
It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while
that isn’t the same old rehashed information. Great read!
I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

It would be wonderful to include some vocal samples of the barks you are referring to.
Hearing the bark patterns would be fantastic.
Would that be possible?

We have had our rescue dog for almost 2years shes always been happy and settled but over the last few weeks she’s started standing in front of us when were all on the sofa fir example,crouching first like she’s going to pounce, then standing up giving a throaty growl and then loud sharp barks. She doesnt listen to any commands to stop. It feels like she’s being aggressive. She always has a place to sit with us. Is fed well. And exercised as much humanly possible. This is a new behaviour and we just can figure out why or what she’s trying to communicate?? Any ideas would so be appreciated. Thanks x

When my dog was a puppy, she would let me pick her up and kiss her and play with her. She is now 4 years old, and whenever I try to kiss or play with her, she yelps at me… I know it’s not the kind of “I’m in pain” yelp but when ever I lean in to kiss her, she like “screams”

Hi Kirsty. It’s possibly that she might just be bored. Especially in the example you gave, when you’re all sitting on the couch, she may be saying “someone get up and play with me, I’m bored”. Try tossing her a ball or playing with her for a few minutes the next time she does that to see what happens. Good luck!

That’s a great question, Patricia. It would be difficult to try to make a dog vocalize these barks on command. It would also be difficult to catch a dog in the act of one of these specific barks and be on point with a camera at all times. Unfortunately, we aren’t sure we’ll be able to do this, but will keep it in mind and let you know if we catch any on camera just at the right time!

I have a 6 year old Australian shepherd who is very talkative. She makes nosies that sound almost like a little whine or maybe kind of a humming noise. She also barks when she does this especially if im not paying attention to her. I usually can figure out what she wants quickly like outside or more food or water. But she has been doing more often and I cant figure out what she wants. Does she want to play or is she trying to tell me something else. We also just recently moved.

Hi Liz, it sounds like she may just be bored and may want some attention or to play. I know in my household, when it starts getting cooler outside we tend to stay indoors more and our dogs don’t get out as much as in the summer months, so our dogs do this same type of noise. Basically they’re telling us they’re bored and want to play…they need some sort of stimulation since they aren’t going outside as much as it gets cooler. This may be the same type of thing your dog is trying to tell you. Next time she makes those noises, try tossing a ball or playing with her with a toy and see what happens!

we have a 4 year old shi tzu when ever we take her for walks and she sees another dog she yelps and wines and bark all at once its only when she sees another dog,but when we had our other dog here she was fine with her,is she saying she whants to play or what,its kind of annoying when she does her crazy barking.

Once I was involved in an interesting human-dog experience.

I live in a suburban area, and to get to my house, I need to pass a certain street that have dogs at it. There’s a house with 2 labradors that I usually walk past by. One night I passed that house after work by walking and saw those 2 were half asleep. I thought “well, ok, that’s cute” and I just passed them like it’s none of my business. Then, I noticed something. They suddenly woke up, followed me for about 5 meters, constantly barking! I was shocked because they thought I was a burglar or something. But I was around in the neighborhood for quite a long time.

To be fair, days before the event happened, I’d usually stopped by for a minute in that house—just to see them (the labradors)—since I kinda miss having dogs for a while. Sometimes they barked at me for feeling uncomfortable/danger. I get that. But what happened that night—I think—was totally unnecessary.

Morning after that, when the owner of the dogs was mowing the lawn, I walked past them again. And nothing happened! The dog was just calmly walking around me.

Can you explain that, please? And is there something that I can do?

my chihuahua is usually very quiet. However, he does the #1 alert bark for a few minutes when someone is at the door. This I feel is completely normal and even a good thing, it could alert my family to potential danger. Another time, my dog uses the same bark is somewhat confusing. I work full-time and leave the house for 8 hours a day/5 days a week, my dog has no issues with my departure. He is always happy to see me return home and we are quite bonded. He also is bonded well with my husband ( who is retired and stays home most of the day) However, if my husband leaves he barks incessantly (until he is outside the door) and gets right up to his ankles. He has never bitten anyone, but it is disturbing how close it gets to my husband’s ankle.

My 1 and a half year old husky/lab mix does a high pitched yelp and short bark when she runs real fast and when she puts her back leg up she does the same thing but her behind is towards the ground and she is always panting

My 3 chihuahuas always bark at my cousin. Nobody else… why is that?

what bark means i see or hear a ghost

we have a German Short hair rescue female she is about 7 we have had her 2 years. She is our 3rd GSP rescue and 5th GSP.
About 3 weeks into having her she started into barking and charging at me every time I come into the house and barks every time I walk into the room. She does not bark at strangers when they come into the house.
I take her for walks and she is fine with me. When she wants her ears scratched she will come close to me but that’s all.
She hangs on my wife all the time follows her all over the house.
We have never had this problem with any of our other dogs.
Do you have any suggestions her behavior is getting much worse I’m concerned she may bite me she has become so aggressive. This has become a very big problem my wife and her family think I have caused this problem. I have not done anything to the dog.
I went and picked her up from the rescue.
Mark Hoppal

My dog use to go outside and could be out there all day. But when he’s out there by himself he sits by the door and barks to get back in. It’s a bark that I haven’t heard him do. And this has started here recently and i don’t know why. Any suggestions would be appreciated thank you…

This melted my heart. I just love dogs.  They are the cutest and most lovable four legged furry friends. They have the best personalities (loyalty, innocent, fun, energetic, good listeners, dont snitch, and of course very communicable and protective). What more can one ask for!?!

Hi Mark,

I’m sorry to hear about your problem. If you’re worried about recent aggressive behavior, you should talk to a professional behaviorist.

Here are some tips to choosing a trainer or behaviorist:

I hope this helps you and your GSP. Thanks for reading!

Hi Nick,

It sounds like something changed with his routine. Maybe he heard something scary outside, like a loud truck or lawn mower, and now he associates the yard with scary sounds and doesn’t want to be out there. Or maybe he’s learned that when you’re home, you’re more likely to pet him or give him treats; he just wants to spend more time with you. Try to find out what changed for your dog. You could start by going outside with your dog and watching his behavior.

Thanks for reading!

My 4 year old cocker spaniel Murphy barks whenever I stand up he follows me and waits for me he’s a very intelligent dog he fallows instructions IE sit, lies down under your legs when we click our fingers ,takes his dish in the kitchen but can’t stop barking Iv tried shaking stones in a bottle ignoring him telling him hush but I’m getting nowhere I need help please I’ll try anything

Hi Jackie,

I’m sorry to hear about Murphy’s barking problem!

Do you know why Murphy barks? Does be bark when he wants attention or food? Is he bored or being a watchdog for when the mailman comes? Figure out why he barks and you might be able to give him what he’s asking for, whether it’s more one-on-one playtime or a long walk when you get home.

It sounds like Murphy might also need some consistent training. Bark collars can help teach Murphy when it’s okay and not okay to bark, even when you’re not there to remind him.

Give us a call at 1-866-738-4379 and we’d be happy to help you pick the right bark collar for Murphy.

I have a 15 month old, spayed English Shepherd that I have had since she was 8 weeks old.  I am with her all day, nearly every day. She is rambunctious but I have taught her the basic commands.  She stays in the my large, fenced yard during the day and gets plenty of exercise.  She is a good guard dog and I am still teaching her when to bark and when it is not OK.  However, in the last couple of weeks, if I am sitting outside with her and she perceives some kind of threat and starts barking, she turns toward me and barks, and, if I stand up, she becomes more excited.  What is she trying to tell me?

Hi Julie,

She’s probably doing just what you said, being a guard dog and alerting you to a possible threat. She may be saying, “Hey Mom, there’s a stranger over there! What should we do about it?”

When you stand up, she gets excited because she thinks something’s going to happen. Maybe you’re both going to go bark at the threat to make it go away, or maybe you’re going to go sniff it to learn more about it.

Your dog can let you know there’s a possible threat. You can acknowledge the bark and let your dog know you aren’t going to do anything because it’s not a threat. When your dog barks, look at the “threat” and give your dog a consistent signal like “Okay” or “Enough.” Don’t get excited or make a big fuss and your dog should pick up on your cue that this isn’t an actual threat.

It sounds like you’re making a lot of progress with your training together! Talk to a trainer or a vet if you need any extra help with your training.

I have an irresponsible neighbor that now has 2 German shepherds that allow their dogs to bark incessantly at night and early morning. The dogs are brothers about 10 months old and are already very large.  Of course the neighbors have tried to speak to the owners on a friendly
level and have also written letters to the owners. 

We have even offered to “pay” for a dog trainer to come to the owners house to educate and look over the dogs environment.  Also we have offered to buy their dogs a bark collar too. Of course, the owner weren’t interested.  The say the barking doesn’t bother them and shouldn’t bother the neighborhood.

The Elite ultrasonic outdoor bark control appears to work best most time.  However, since there is a fence between my bark yard and the neighbors, the dogs has discovered that if they stand directly behind the fence where the bark control doesn’t have a direct line of sight, they can continue to bark.  After 4 months of this barking, my blood pressure has risen to the point my doctor wants me on blood pressure pills.  The left side of my face stiff and
my eyes are bloodshot.  Neighbors still don’t care.  Say it’s my problem.  Of course the police advise their too busy and no longer response to dog bark complaints anymore.  Animal control sends a non enforceable letter that they hoped would work.  But no, neighbors still let dog bark and don’t care.  From 11pm to 7am dogs bark every 5-7 minutes. 

    Is there “anything” that I can have on my property that would encourage the dogs to remain quiet during the night and early morn.  We all own homes and just can’t pick up and move like in an apartment. An absolute nightmare in our neighborhood.

Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark,

Yikes, that sounds awful! I’m sorry to hear about your neighbors and the lack of community support.

You can try adding another Elite Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control unit facing the corner behind the fence where the dogs stand to avoid the first unit. You might need to adjust the height and direction of both units for full coverage.

It’s really tough to deal with difficult neighbors. You could try starting a dialogue with your neighbors about their dogs. Maybe you could recommend a local doggie daycare, dog trainer, or dog bark collar.

I hope you can find some peace and quiet soon!

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