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Are You Doing All You Can to Protect Your Cat?

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist

We often hear great success stories about our containment products from dog owners. They were, after all, our company’s first product nearly 21 years ago. However, some consumers aren’t always aware we make a great in-ground fence for cats, too. We recently heard from Rochelle on our Facebook page about how much Yeti loves his system.

Yeti loves enjoying his backyard with his PetSafe Deluxe In-Ground Cat Continament System.

Here is her story:

We have been using the PetSafe In-Ground system for our dogs for quite a few years. We are breeders of Anatolian Shepherd dogs for livestock protection. The breed has the tendency to roam in order to expand their protection area and in the small rural community that we live in, that’s unacceptable. With the success of the system, it was a natural decision to investigate whether the system for cats would be a viable option.

We feel that all animals are happier and healthier if they are allowed to enjoy the outside environment, however there are inherent dangers whether it’s in a rural setting or the suburbs. In our situation, we have many predators that roam and hunt so keeping Yeti contained is the only choice. The only concern was whether or not Yeti would respond negatively to the collar. With dogs it is a proven and safe method of training but I wasn’t able to find anyone who had worked with cats before so it was sort of going at it blind. You can read the instructions and execute a proper method but until he gets his first little correction, you can’t know what his response is going to be and if it is going to have long term negative effects. We bought the system at the beginning of last summer when Yeti was only a year old.

Even if we had no experience, the installation is extremely simple and it would have been a piece of cake. Cats are so much more nimble than dogs so climbing is the biggest issue so we attached Yeti’s system to an existing fence to prevent him from going vertical. We currently have a yard area of approximately 1/4 an acre. We had to make quite a few adjustments on the placement of the wire to accommodate different areas that he was able to jump or climb. It was purely trial and error but once he got the idea of where the boundary, along with a proper zone width, he settled in quite well.

It took him no time at all to learn what the correction was all about. He also knows that if we leave a gate open he can run through it. It was all a matter of trial and error but all in all very simple.It’s nice to have Yeti in the backyard while I’m gardening without the fear of him running off. It’s fun to watch him enjoy being a cat chasing butterflies and just having fun outside.

As I said before, it’s in any animal’s best interest to go and enjoy the outside environment. It’s easy to take a dog for a walk to the dog park but inside cats are just that - inside. Also one of the big complaints I hear in the suburbs is people that have outside cats and roam the neighborhood are seen as a nuisance in the eyes of their neighbors. It’s really super simple to attach that wire to a fence and keep your cat on your own property.

We also just adopted Odin, who is an F2 Savannah meaning he is over 25% African Serval. The wild nature inherent in his genetics might make it more difficult to train him. We will use the same methods but keep a close eye on his demeanor. He is 7 months old now so I think he’s ready for training. And, I can certainly tell you that if Yeti could talk he would have a lot to say about how much he loves his system!

As for me, being woken up at 5 in the morning on a Sunday because he wants to go play can be a little less than ideal. :) But that just makes it more the fun because we know that he is having a great time outside and more importantly he’s SAFE!

The Petsafe systems for both the cats and the dogs are an invaluable asset to our pet ownership. We could not keep our animals safe without it!

Has any other cat owner had a similar experience with the fence? Why does your cat love it so much?

ABOUT NATALIE As the PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist, Natalie manages The Paw Print blog and generates other brand related content including public relations and promotions. Before PetSafe, Natalie worked in the local media covering politics, education, and religion. Natalie’s puppy, Emma, spends almost as much time in the office as she does.

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We have used this system for about 6 years now and our cats absolutely LOVE it. We live in a small city and wanted to be sure our cats could enjoy the outdoors without worrying that they would stray into traffic etc. Of course the system does not prevent other animals or cats from coming into our yard.

We love our Petsafe system. We’ve had it for almost 5 yrs for our cat. We bought it before the Cat System was available, and use the small dog system. We’ve had 3 cats use the system with varying results, but have overall been extremely pleased with it. Upon moving in, we discovered one neighbor has dogs and another neighbor is highly allergic to cats. This system has allowed us to let our cats go outside during the day, without worry of their safety or our neighbors illness. We’ve discovered with our 3 different cats, that they really can’t be trained. They have to wear the collar every time they go out. The cat we have now continually tests the boundry, and if she doesn’t have her collar on, or the battery is dead, she’ll be outside the boundry within 2 days. Then she’s shocked and skiddish once the system is functional again, and acts as though it’s an entirly new learning experience. It takes her a day or two to really want to be outside again. So we have to keep the system up at all times, replace the battery monthly, and continually check up on her when she’s outside. We’ve also found that the younger or more docile the cat is, the easier they are to train. We had a male tomcat on the system for almost 2 years. He was good most days, but if he wanted to chase a bird on the other side of the system, he would just bully his way through and take the pain. We kept cranking up the output power, thinking it wasn’t correcting him. It was, and he recieved a couple of burns on his neck as a result.Stubborn cats could be injured, so be careful with higher power outputs. We also had a rescued 4 yr old spayed female who did not do great on this system. She would climb & jump. Every morning she would head straight for the roof or a tree and jump off, over the wire. We changed the boundry many times, and eventually eliminated her climbing. Then she discovered that she could lay near the boundry, get the warning but no correction, and stay there until it ran her battery down, then cross. She was burning up a battery every 3-4 days. There was simply no way to keep her inside the boundry, so she went to a new home in the country where she can climb and roam freely. My point is, we love this system, and the cat we have now does great with it. But the batteries are kind of expensive, and it is work to keep the system up and going. That said, my cat does her business outside. This system is a lot less expense and less work than maintaining a 24/7 litter box, and no odor in my home to worry about.Thank you for inventing this, because we would not be able to have an inside/outside cat without it.

Tushanna, Thank you so much for sharing your story. We’re glad you have had a great experience with the product. We recognize a solution that works fantastic for one pet may not be the best option for the next. It’s great to see pet owners understand that as well. We hope you’ll come back and keep reading!

SDeRees, Thanks for reading! We are so glad you love the system!

I’ve had the system for a couple of months now and I have 3 cats that I am using it with.  2 of them have learned to “drain” their batteries so that they can get over the fence, but the 3rd one is doing really well with it. I really wish there was a less expensive option on the batteries as I am trying hard to keep them in the yard (I have a neighbor who complains relentlessly about cats) but when my girl cat gets it in her head she wants over the fence, she does whatever she feels necessary to do so…...

If the system is responding correctly, giving a tone and correction at the boundary, you may need to trim the neck area to ensure the collar is making good contact with the skin. Next, increase the correction level on the collar to help deter the pet from lingering in the correction zone. In addition, I would suggest turning up the boundary dial on the transmitter to increase the range so the receiver collar activates over a larger distance. This will increase the correction zone and may deter the pet from continuing through the boundary. I hope you find this information helpful.

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