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Arf You Ready to BARK?

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist

Mountain House, CA made sure their efforts in Bark For Your Park were extra sweet with these cookies! Mountain House, CA made sure their efforts in Bark For Your Park were extra sweet with these cookies!  One of the greatest bonuses of working for the PetSafe® Brand is that we get to be so involved in the community. There are a lot of local events like 5K races, dog parades and fundraisers that we attend, but nothing is more rewarding than getting to give away funds for dog parks.

We have a great variety of PetSafe dog parks in the Knoxville area, and we have the opportunity to share this great city feature with other communities across the US. So of course we are planning on having another Bark for Your Park contest in 2014! The good news is that this is launching in just over a month. The even better news is that you can get a head start and check out our Bark for Your Park website for the 2014 contest information.

If you haven’t yet head of this PAWsome contest, I’ll go ahead and break it down for you: Wouldn't you love to cut the ribbon at your very own dog park? Wouldn't you love to cut the ribbon at your very own dog park?  PetSafe will award five U.S. communities with funds to build dog parks! We are lucky enough to get to give out $100,000 to the grand prize winning community! We also give out four $25,000 grants to 3 runners-up and a special award to our Bark from Your Heart winners!

So here is the timeline you’re going to want to put in your calendars:

• May 7 – June 7: Who Let the Dogs Out? Nominations begin! Bark (vote) each day on Facebook and on the B4YP Website!

• June 13-July 31: 15 finalists will compete and popular vote will determine the winners.

• July 25 – July 31: Howl at the Moon! The leader board will go dark for the surprise announcement to the lucky winners.

• August 7: Every Dog Has Its Day. Winners are announced! Tune in tomorrow to watch some of the live coverage from Texarkana (Texas and Arkansas)! They are the 2012 and 2013 Bark for Your Park winners, and we’ll be enjoying a day of fun-filled dog park events to celebrate with these communities!  

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I’ve got the pet safe invisible fence. But one of my two dogs. Goes right threw it.  I was talked into the 9 volt stubborn dog collar. For additional charge if coarse.  And yea. He yelps and screams now. But still goes right threw it   Won’t re enter the yard cause of fear of being zapped. But soon as he’s in.  Out he goes again. Yelping spinning. Screaming.  Been 3 years now. And even with brand new 9 volt battery.  It won’t stop him. So if you’ve got something new that really works.  Let me kno.  My other dog same size and breed. World fine. But it’s useless if it doesn’t keep them both in

Been threw 5 collars. Numerous battery’s extra wire. New power box   Over 1000 $$$ invested and still have to chain my dog.  So any suggestions. Feel free

Hi Steve. We are sorry to hear about this experience, and we can always get a replacement out to you if there are any issues. We would love to speak to you and troubleshoot with what is currently happening. Please call our Customer Care Department at 1-800-732-2677 M-F 8a-8p or Saturday 9-5, EST. We hope to hear from you soon!

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