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Do-it-yourself doesn't mean all by yourself.

From setup and installation to training and troubleshooting, we'll walk you through each step.

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From transmitter placement and wire installation to training and troubleshooting, we’ll answer all of your questions and walk you through each step. You’ll have your fence or kennel set up in no time!

Harnesses, Leashes, & Collars

Download fitting guide and browse FAQs for PetSafe® harnesses including Easy Walk®, Gentle Leader®, and Come With Me Kitty™ harnesses.

Bark Control

Get troubleshooting, training, and answers to frequently asked questions for bark collars and ultrasonic bark deterrents.

Training & Behavior

Learn how to train your pet using a remote trainer, clicker, or pet proofing barrier. Browse articles and videos on setup, training, and troubleshooting.

Cat Litter Boxes

Get troubleshooting tips for automatic litter boxes and learn how to potty train your dog or help your cat use the litter box consistently.

House Training & Cleanup

Get answers to FAQs about Pet Loo and Piddle Place™ pet toilets and Train 'n Praise™ Potty Training System and learn how to house train your pet.

Pet Fountains

Learn how to clean your fountain, find replacement filters, and make your fountain pump last longer.

Automatic Pet Feeders & Food Dispensers

Get troubleshooting tips and read FAQs for automatic and timed pet feeders.


Installing a pet door is simpler than you think with our step-by-step installation and troubleshooting videos and articles. No need to hire a handyman!

Interactive Pet Toys

Learn more about toys and how to engage your pet in fun, active playtime.

Travel, Access and Mobility

Learn about pet stairs, ramps and other travel products

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